Inbound Call Services

SmartCom fully equipped Call Center, empowered by a team of well-trained and dedicated customer service representatives, allows customers to have round-the-clock access to the service provider and get and instant feedback to their inquiries. Helps our clients better serve their customers, we provide a customized report, based on the customer needs, including all the required data aligned with statistical KPIs. Our premises of call center is fully equipped by all tools of the state of the art facilities, technologies, and recovery plan for electricity and networks to guarantee non stoppable work, and recovery plan for electricity and networks to grantee non stoppable work. The capacity of call center reaches daily to be The capacity of call center reaches daily 60 thousand inbound calls are received, handled through SmartCom Team and within the required SLA & KPIs required by the client.

Outbound Call Services

We are proud to support our clients with a team of experts to assist them to design a customized outbound call service where we combine our experience and capabilities to provide you with the right solution that fits your business, taking into consideration the nature of your industry, timing and target audience. SmartCom Call Center implements quality control and business intelligence that provide you with a wide range of fine services, such as:
- Telemarketing and direct response advertising.
- Customer satisfaction surveys.
- Marketing research surveys.
- Confirm meeting or events to enhance attendance.
- Engage direct mail to non-responders.
- Improve lead generation through obtaining full account information (address, telephone, e-mail and others).