COD shipments and logistics

Shipments delivery and payments collection for your goods from your customers at the time of delivery is vital to increase the profitability of your business, yet can be time consuming and resource exhausting. SmartCom COD on ground team is dedicated to offer you an easy and effective delivery and collection process empowered by advanced equipment, methodologies and a skilled knowledgeable staff, who receive on-going training and education. Large quantities of e-commerce orders or other B2C shipments within the Egyptian territory, our domestic products will offer high-quality delivery (and returns) with reduced postage costs. This is possible with our expedited shipping process and work share partnership with Smartcom commercial services Postal service. Their local carriers handle both final-mile delivery and return pickups, enabling us to reliably reach more than 400 thousand addresses six days a week. Smartcom offers also efficient management of the whole warehouse operations and has a wide expertise in offering the value- added services are activities that happen on the item inside the warehousing facility other than only the storage. It adds value to the item as requested by the customer and of course it is quoted separately and upon customers requests.