About us

Smartcom commercial services is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2005 in accordance with the provisions of law 159/81 and registered at the commercial register of companies located in Cairo - Egypt. SmartCom is a service provider for postal solutions services, including printing and enveloping , delivery, collection, all logistics and call center services as it was established for the main objective of business process outsourcing (BPO) services. SmartCom provides full, complete and turnkey solutions to its clients in BPO model such as:
- Domestic pick up & delivery.
- COD (Cash on Delivery) Service
- Inter-Branch
- Money Collection.
- Bad Debt collection.
- Inventory management.
- Contact Centre.
- Black & Full Colour digital printing.
- Auto mailer Enveloping.
- CD Burning
- Pack and Shrink.
SmartCom is providing a complete customers’ satisfaction through high quality services delivered by top calibre team with an excellent academic foundation and solid technical expertise. SmartCom serves a diversified list of clients that helped us claim a top position in outsourcing business services especially in the Banking, COD and Others sectors.

CEO Message

The services market is a dynamic and exhilarating environment fast moving, global, and intensely focused on customer value,

In the on demand era, the services industry will thrive with those who successfully achieve totally new levels of service integration: Of processes, applications, and employees on the inside of the service industry, and customers outside. Make no mistake, this kind of integration is hard work, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

A company that is responsive to changes in its environment, flexible in its operations, focused on its core competencies, and resilient to all manner of challenges and threats. We have never been more optimistic about the future. We have committed our entire company - the energies and expertise of our team and industry`s deepest portfolio of human & humane assets - to helping our customers become on demand businesses, it has been a fascinating and rewarding journey. And the best is yet to come.

I thank all that participated in our success & let us keep it up.

Ghassan Fadda