Smartcom Services


SmartCom has a large network of runners that covers all over Egypt.Our selected fleet of messengers is .....

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COD & Logistics

Shipments delivery and payments collection for your goods from your customers at the time of delivery....

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SmartCom offers you easy and effective money collection service empowered by,....

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SmartCom is dedicated to exceeding your expectations in accuracy, consistency and safety,....

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SmartCom fully equipped Call Center, empowered by a team of well-trained and dedicated customer service representatives,....

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Printing and enveloping

SmartCom uses state-of-the-art High Volume Digital printing technology to bring its clients cost-effective ....

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SmartCom does not intend to only provide quality and efficiency to its customers, but also aims to achieve superior performance in its services, and establishing a criterion to measure service performance level with different customers. The company is not aiming to become number one in the order of competition only, but also aims to achieve a performance target rate to be set as a Benchmark to be compared with the rest of the service providers in the Egyptian market

Egyptian market is a growing market continuously and thus the competition is increasing in ferocity. Our vision is to create new service areas for customers demand equivalent with the development of their activities and the levels of the increasing business volume, in which SmartCom will always be the first strategic choice for the existing and target customers.

In continuous progress, the best is yet to come.

The most important reason for success in companies lies in the component of all departments groups working as a single unit which integrates access to the best work outcome, on the basis of this vision, the company is keen to develop the capabilities of its employee on an ongoing basis through training courses and incentives system back after beneficial ways to the management implementation levels and the ambitions results that link to it the company year after year.